Triumph Motorcycles Unveils Sprint GT

Triumph has upped the ‘touring’ in its popular Sprint ST sport touring motorcycle and unveiled the new Sprint GT1050 2011 model. For the uninformed, the ‘GT’ stands for ‘Grand Tourer.’

The GT is powered by a Triumph 1050cc triple, cranking out 130bph, and it’s dialed in to deliver increased mid-range power rather than deliver on peak power. The GT features 31 liter saddlebags, standard ABS brakes, a 200-mile fuel range, an optional top case that can hold two full-size helmets, and a 12 volt power supply to accommodate the motorcyclist’s growing laundry list of electronic gizmos.

The GT is priced at $13,199 and will hit dealerships in the fall as an early-release 2011 model.

Says Triumph Motorcycle’s Jim Callahan, “The Sprint GT blends all of the great performance and style of the Sprint ST with some additional comfort and storage space that sport touring riders are looking for.”

The GT model has a better-performing front fairing. The GT’s cockpit features a comprehensive three dial instrument panel with a large, traditional analogue speedometer and tachometer; while the third dial hosts the readout for the onboard computer where the rider can scroll through fuel consumption, range-to-empty, journey time, average speed and clock functions.

Other optional equipment for the GT includes heated handlebar grips, a taller wind screen, optional gel comfort seat and magnetic tank bags that can increase its luggage capacity another 30 liters.

Below you’ll find the official YouTube clip from Triumph, which immediately reminded me of that time-lapsed Gixxer video that was viral a few months ago …

What? You haven’t seen the self-assembling Gixxer?

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