Numbers Down at Myrtle Beach Motorcycle Rally

At this year’s Myrtle Beach Bike Week, one of the must-attend events for Harley-Davidson faithful, it appears all the important numbers (attendance, vendor count, the number of people predicting a return next year) were down.

According to, “Vendors and bike rally attendees agreed that the crowds were much thinner this year than in previous years, due in large part to the anti-bike rally ordinances passed by the city of Myrtle Beach two years ago.”

Other culprits resulting in lower turnout are general anti-rally sentiment, the event’s shortening from five days to ten days at certain locations, a decreasing number of vendor permits and city ordinances that crack down on noise and parking-lot gatherings.

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2 Responses to Numbers Down at Myrtle Beach Motorcycle Rally

  1. Law-vet says:

    The sunnews is a anti- rally paper, of course they’re ‘reporting’ a lower turn out. They fail to mention they HUGE numbers south of Myrtle. The Rally has centralized in the southern part of the Grand Strand. Great turn out, good times, and bias reporting.

  2. Doc Walters says:

    Had a great time in North Myrtle and Murrels Inlet. Spent $3K, but not a dime in Myrtle Beach. Felt very welcomed by the locals and met a bunch of fun out-of-towners. No hassles from anyone. My wife and I can’t wait for next year!

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