Polaris’ Victory Motorcycles Tops in Pied Piper Study

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Brands finishing just behind Victory’s score of 107 and above the industry average of 103 were: Ducati and Harley-Davidson at 106, and BMW, Triumph and Yamaha at 104.

Now in its fourth year, the independent Pied Piper PSI study sent 2,014 anonymous “mystery shoppers” into motorcycle dealerships nationwide. The shoppers then measured how effectively each brand’s dealerships helped motorcycle shoppers become motorcycle buyers.

According to a Pied Piper release, “Victory dealerships achieved their first place ranking by substantially improving numerous individual sales process activities, including asking for a prospect’s name, asking for the sale and asking for a prospect’s contact information. Victory salespeople also led all other brands in areas such as asking follow-up questions, addressing features unique from the competition and encouraging prospects to sit on a motorcycle.

Overall industry performance improved across 84 percent of the individual sales process activities tracked by the study, which also generated higher overall PSI scores for 11 of the 14 major motorcycle brands. However, there is still plenty of room for further improvement throughout the motorcycle industry, according to Pied Piper.  For example, motorcycle salespeople still ask for a prospect’s contact information only 48 percent of the time, give compelling reasons to buy from their dealership just 35 percent of the time, and mention the availability of different financing options 52 percent of the time.

Download Pied Piper’s full report here.

Pied Piper says its evaluation services cost about $100 per dealership location. PSI results offer a “just the facts” approach to evaluating a dealership’s sales approach and prescribe how a dealership should sell its brand. For more information, visit www.piedpiperpsi.com.

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